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Midsummer Solar

Efficient CIGS solar cell mass production is finally here!  Midsummer has designed and developed a system that is a turn-key system to produce 6″ CIGS solar cells ready for standard module production. This technology comes from years of experience producing machinery for high volume production of optical media which uses a similar thin film vacuum process.  Find Out More


Flexplay Technologies, Inc. is a developer and supplier of limited-life optical media technology. Flexplay time-limited DVDs offer unlimited, perfect-quality DVD playback in any standard DVD player, but only within a pre-set viewing window that begins when the user opens the sealed Flexplay DVD package. Shortly after the viewing period elapses, the Flexplay  … find out more


The backbone for LidRock® is one particularly cool piece of technology that morphs something ordinary - a fountain drink lid - into something extraordinary - a way to bring the latest music, video, and games directly to people who want it. The drink lid actually functions as a case for a mini CD or DVD disc. This patented* and FDA-approved packaging is as innovative … find out more

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Lidrock December 08
There’s more to music than meets the ear, and What’s The Download™ is bringing artists, fans, and the industry together with the straight scoop on digital music. Check it out on this month’s LidRock® brought to you by HowStuffWorks and What’s The Download! Yours free with any 32-ounce soft drink while supplies last! » Continue reading