Thermoformed drink cup lid that holds a CD or DVD for marketing and/or promotional purposes

The backbone for LidRock® is one particularly cool piece of technology that morphs something ordinary - a fountain drink lid - into something extraordinary - a way to bring the latest music, video, and games directly to people who want it. The drink lid actually functions as a case for a mini CD or DVD disc.

This patented* and FDA-approved packaging is as innovative and powerful as the entertainment it delivers. The specialized lids can bring mini discs, featuring music, movies or games, anywhere fountain beverages are sold, including restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, convenience stores, theme parks, and concerts. The list is virtually endless! In North America alone, more than 20 billion beverages were served last year. For the math fans out there, that’s 634 beverages served every second of every day all 365 days of the year.

*Acquired 19 U.S. patents granting LidRock exclusive worldwide rights to in-lid merchandising on top of fountain beverages.

Lidrock December 08
There’s more to music than meets the ear, and What’s The Download™ is bringing artists, fans, and the industry together with the straight scoop on digital music. Check it out on this month’s LidRock® brought to you by HowStuffWorks and What’s The Download! Yours free with any 32-ounce soft drink while supplies last! » Continue reading