Sprue and disc reclaim and granulating (destruction) systems

Getecha began manufacturing granulators in 1956 in Aschaffenburg Germany. Starting as a technical engineering company, Getecha was approached by an early German plastics manufacturer to assist in the design of a material reclaim process for the re-use of scrap material generated in the production process.

Over a period, Getecha continued to work with various plastics manufacturers improving the design and performance of the equipment. Through word-of-mouth, other plastics manufacturers began contacting Getecha to build similar equipment for their individual applications.

Over the last 50 years, Getecha has become to be known as a premier plastics granulator manufacturer throughout Europe. In 1999 Getecha looked to expand into the North American market. A local partner was found and Getecha Inc. began its operations in 1999 and manufacturing and selling equipment from the Kalamazoo Michigan facilities in 2000. Getecha Inc. launched its initial product line at NPE 2000 with a great deal of success.

The launch of the business in the North American market concentrated primarily on the Getecha line of proprietary angled rotor, beside-the-press granulators. In 2001, Getecha Inc. manufactured the United States number one selling model beside-the-press granulator.

In 2000 Getecha developed the world’s first sprue recovery system for the optical disc industry (CD/DVD). Since this time, Getecha has sold over 2,000 of these systems into optical disc manufacturing facilities world-wide and claims a 95% plus market share.

In 2002, Getecha Inc. began offering a line of mid-sized and central granulators to the North American market. Getecha has a terrific reputation in the European market with this line of granulators due to the significant differences in our design approach. Instead of simply throwing larger horsepower motors onto larger granulators, Getecha has achieved a reputation of developing a better cutting system through improvement in rotor and cutting chamber designs. These improved designs provide for the following:

O.S.T. Pty Ltd. specifically supports the following series (focussed on the Optical Disc Industry);

SRS Series - The SRS (Sprue Recovery System) is a special and unique small stainless steel granulator specifically designed to run in-line in the production of optical discs (CD and DVD). The system provides for a closed loop process of collecting, transporting, granulating, and proportioning the regrind back-in line. Payback times of less than 2 years can typically be achieved in DVD applications.

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