The Optical Disc Alliance

CD & DVD Mastering and Replication


Proven and Reliable equipment for replication and mastering of Optical Media

Our equipment has been at the forefront of technological innovation since the introduction of the SQ1 CD replication system in the mid 1990’s This innovation has and has continued and ODA now offers a full range of replication and mastering equipment. The SQ20 is a high-speed DVD replication line that also offers excellent performance for the emerging CBHD format. The SQM mastering system has gained a strong reputation since it’s introduction in 2005 and is now in setting the benchmark for high speed, high quality mastering and sites across the globe.

Clear focus

ODA is a forward thinking company with a concentrated focus on the optical disc industry. This focus ensures that we will be around as long as your equipment is running. ODA customers can count on our continuing support and innovation.

With ODA building on over a decade of innovation, the future looks brighter than ever.

ODA offers spare parts and support all existing M2 CD and DVD lines.

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